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Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017


Registration Open                                                                                        
12:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m.                                                                             


BONUS SESSIONS                                                                                 
1:00 p.m.–2:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.–3:15 p.m.


Bonus Session: Year-end Accounting & Tax Tips
The final days of 2017 are best spent examining your dealership’s tax plan and putting together the most advantageous strategy in preparation for the year’s end, as well as what’s ahead in 2018.  A few small changes can make a big difference in your tax liability. Take a checklist of vital tips that will help you both comply and find the greatest possible tax savings for your dealership. Any changes to Federal Excise Tax rules will also be discussed.
Presented by: Tim Reynolds, CPA, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Bonus Session: Data Mining for Dealers and Suppliers to Maximize Marketing Efforts
Mining available customer data that you can easily export into your CRM system can be a huge differentiator in your trailer, parts and service sales efforts. Did you know there are more than 2.9 million companies between U.S., Canada and Mexico that have a U.S. DOT number? That figures grows by an average of 10,000 new companies each month. Would you like to learn how you can search 219 specific data points on each one of these companies? Resources are available that allow your trailer dealership to sort by make, year, model and quantity of trailer. Find the average trailer age and create a list of fleets due for a trade. Your service department can also search CSA data to determine which companies are being cited for brake violations as opposed to tire or electrical violations. Check VIN numbers and insurance certificates every location a vehicle was inspected in the U.S. All of this information can fortify your targeted trailer, parts and service marketing.
Presented by Lyn Simon, President, Transportation Data Source

Bonus Session 3 – Stay Interviews to Hire and Retain Millennials
Your eyes probably roll when you hear the word “millennial.” Everyone is talking about them and how to hire and retain them. Companies large and small pour dollars and sweat into solving engagement and retention for millennials by hiring consultants, sending HR to conferences, and conducting focus groups… all trying to find the secret sauce to motivate these alien creatures. However, Stay interviews significantly build retention and engagement. Learn how implementing Stay Interviews can help you hire the right people and reduce turnover by 45%. Finnegan is author of four books, including The Power of Stay Interviews. Finnegan will be available to sign copies of his books during the Exhibition & Strolling Luncheon.
Presented by Richard Finnegan, CEO, C-Suite Analytics  



Next Generation Networking Reception (Invitation Only)                   
4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.


First-time Attendee and Sponsor Thank You Reception (Invitation Only)    
5:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.

Welcome Reception                                                                              
6:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

THURSDAY, OCT. 12, 2017


Registration Open                                                                               
6:45 a.m.–12:00 p.m.                                                                              


Breakfast (Spouses/Guests Welcome)                                               
6:45 a.m.–8:00 a.m.                                                                                



Sponsor Presentation by Meritor and NTDA Chairman of the Board Introduction
8:00 a.m.–8:05 a.m.

Opening Remarks & State of the Association Address
8:05 a.m.–8:30 a.m.
This 27th Annual Convention presentation serves as the association’s official Annual Meeting. Chairman of the Board Steve Robinson will provide members with an overview of the NTDA’s accomplishments, financial stability, membership growth, and future endeavors and goals.
Presented by Steve Robinson, NTDA Chairman of the Board


Sponsor Presentation by Mac Trailer and General Session Presentation  
8:30 a.m.–8:35 a.m.

Industry Keynote Presentation: State of the Trailer Industry & Regulatory Update Presented
8:35 a.m.–9:20 a.m.
Get the latest trucking industry update from a leading industry expert with more than 43 years of experience. Kevin Burch will provide his perspective as president of a large fleet that primarily provides “just-in-time” delivery. Kevin was also recently named Chairman of the American Trucking Associations, the largest national trade association in the trucking industry. Find out what current and pending regulations and mandates mean to our industry, the current state of the economy, freight shipment trends, and more mean for the 2018 outlook.
Presented by Kevin Burch, President of Jet Express, Inc. and American Trucking Associations Chairman

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR SPOUSES/GUESTS (TBD):                                          
9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Sponsor Presentation by Hendrickson and General Session Presentation           
9:20 a.m.–9:25 a.m.                                                                                                            


Trucking Powered by Modern Energy and Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 Update
9:25 a.m.–10:25 a.m.
Trailer OEMs and dealers are barraged with information about hydrocarbon and renewable energy, sustainable development, corporate environmental policy, Greenhouse Gas rules, CARB, the legitimacy of climate change, and more. Two leading industry experts Steve Goreham and Glen Kedzie will simplify the implications for the trucking industry and provide information regarding future trends. Steve Goreham is an author of several books on climate change and energy and has more than 30 years of experience at Fortune 100 and private companies in engineering and executive roles. Glen Kedize serves as Vice President, Energy & Environmental Affairs Counsel, for the American Trucking Associations. Goreham will be available to sign copies of his books during the Exhibition & Strolling Luncheon.
Presented by Steve Goreham, Author and Environmental Researcher, and Glen Kedzie, Vice President, Energy & Environmental Affairs Counsel, for the American Trucking Associations

Ladies' Beach Day!

Lounge chairs, umbrellas and drink tickets available for registered spouses and guests to enjoy the Cabana Beach Club or poolside. (Drink tickets may also be used at the American Gator Club, Alice and Pete's Pub, or at the Lobby Bar.) Free shuttle provided to/from the Sawgrass Cabana Beach Club.
10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Water/Soda Break                                                                                                             
10:25 a.m.–10:35 a.m.

Sponsor Presentation by LK Trailers and General Session Presentation    
10:35 a.m.–10:40 a.m.

Sponsor Presentation by BMO
10:45 a.m.–10:50 a.m.

Sponsor Presentation by Dorsey Trailer and Keynote Presentation
10:50 a.m.–10:55 a.m.

Keynote Presentation: Achieving a Breakthrough Performance 
10:55 a.m.–11:55 p.m.
Mike Abrashoff, Former Commander of USS Benfold and author of It’s Your Ship, will present the Keynote Address at the 27th Annual NTDA Convention. Abrashoff is at the center of one of the most remarkable modern day stories of organizational transformation. At age 36, the Navy selected Abrashoff to become Commander of USS Benfold. At the time, he was the most junior commanding officer in the U.S. Pacific Fleet on a ship that was plagued by low morale, high turnover and abysmal performance evaluations. Few thought the ship could improve. Twelve months later, the ship was ranked number-one in performance using the same crew. People were amazed and the lesson was clear: leadership matters and culture is everything. Every Dealer who registers by Sept. 1 will receive a copy of It’s Your Ship. Captain Abrashoff will be available to sign copies of his book during the Exhibition & Strolling Luncheon.
Presented by Mike Abrashoff Former Commander of USS Benfold and author of It’s Your Ship 

EXHIBITION & STROLLING LUNCHEON                                                                  
12:00 a.m.–2:20 p.m.                                                                                                           

Water/Soda Break                                                                     
2:25 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

CONCURRENT SESSIONS                                                                                                   
2:30 p.m.–3:15 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.–4:15 p.m.


Concurrent Session: Retention Solutions for Keeping Top Talent
Business owners know the key to improving sales is by asking salespeople to set goals, achieve results and forecast future opportunities. Today, smart companies who want to find and keep their top talent are applying these same business-driven processes to employee retention. In today’s tough marketplace, many businesses are finding smaller and smaller pools of talent to hire from so keeping good employees is essential. During this session you will learn a new twist on HR analytics, applying turnover and survey data to achieve goals, and how to forecast each employee’s future turnover and engagement performance. Sample reports will be provided. Come learn something new that really works to retain your best employees. Richard Finnegan is author of four books, including The Power of Stay Interviews. Finnegan will be available to sign copies of his books during the Exhibition & Strolling Luncheon.
Presented by Richard Finnegan, CEO, C-Suite Analytics 


Concurrent Session: LEAN, Mean, Dealership Machine
Learn how the LEAN approach can help you maximize customer value while minimizing waste. LEAN is a set of 14 principles and behaviors that underlie the industry best practices philosophy, culture, processes, managerial approach and production systems. Hear how LEAN principles in continuous improvement and change management can be applied at your dealership.
Greg Fenn and Mark Martincic, Professional Advisors, KEA Advisors


Concurrent Session: Dealer Financing Roundtable Discussion
Nearly 90% of all dealer sales transactions involve financing versus cash. Likewise, dealers that utilize financing as part of the sales process see at least 30% more in sales than dealers who do not. Join this roundtable discussion to discuss best practices for dealer finance. A panel of leading finance company experts and leading dealer principals will discuss trailer financing options for trailer and equipment sales, leasing, and more for new and used inventory. Also learn how the NTDA Dealer Financial Performance Survey Report can help you benchmark your company and better understand productivity measures, gross margins, operating expenses, product mix, and much more.


FRIDAY, OCT. 13, 2017


Breakfast for Registered Golfers at Golf Course for Tournament Participants      
7:30 a.m.–8:45 a.m.                                                                                

Golf Tournaments — Stadium and Valley Courses (pre-registration and fee applies)         
9:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.                                                                                       


Shuttle Available for Registered Spouses/Guests and Non-Golfers to St. Augustine (pre-registration and fee applies)
10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.                                                                              



Cocktail Reception                                                                                
6:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.                             


27th Annual Awards Dinner                                                                 
7:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.